5 Best Places To Visit When In Vietnam

Vietnam is among the countries that have a rich history and amazing culture. It has scenery that you will enjoy viewing. You will see rough peaks from the winding mountain paths. While Vietnam is popularly known thanks to the second world war, it has many places and things to see there. If you are a food lover, Vietnam gives you all the delicious foods. If you have a trip to Vietnam soon, here is a list of some of the places that you should visit.

Ha Long Bay

This is the place to visit if you are a fan of the water. Ha Long Bay has breathtaking vistas and stunning cliffs. This place is situated 170 kilometers from the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi. It covers around 43,000 hectares. This place is the home of 1600 islands. There are amazing hidden beaches and cliffs. You can completely experience this natural wonder by taking a vessel on the bay. You can easily book one through the hotels. But it is also good to consider the best time to visit the place. The Nov-Dec festive season is a great time. If you are a swimmer, you can spend some time swimming in the clear waters.


This is among the historic towns in Vietnam. It is a crowded town with relics from the 19th century. This town sits along gorgeous banks of the Perfume River. As you tour the ground, don’t forget to visit the stunning Ngo Mon Gate and the Thai Hoa Palace that has uniquely lacquered interior. There are also several historic sites that out of the Imperial Enclosure partitions.

My Son

This is a place with a unique name. It is surrounded by lush mountain covered with jungle. It is from the 4th century. Furthermore, it is a Hindu center that was mostly used between the and tenth century. However, it was neglected in the 13th century. My Son has about twenty temple buildings that are still strong. The temples are built of sandstone blocks or brick. It shows influences from different Asian empires.

Sapa Countryside

This place is bordered by the Hoang Lien Mountain’s rough peaks. This is the home of stunning rural vistas of Vietnam. There are steep valleys at this place that are host to a combination of Vietnam’s ethnic minorities. This includes Giay, Hmong, and Red Dzao. The rippling hills here are terraced with rice fields making it a beautiful place to visit.

Mekong Delta

This is the last place on our list that you should consider visiting. The Mekong River gives you a beautiful sight to spend your time. The nearest and convenient town is Can Tho. You can use it as a base. It is close to Cai Rang and Phong Dien’s floating markets. You can use boats to tour the U Minh Mangrove.


If Vietnam is not your list of places to visit on your next trip, I have given you more reasons to visit this place. You will have a memorable trip than ever before.